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Maine and Nevada Take Strong Action Against Texting While Driving

The push to end texting while driving nationwide has received a recent boost with the enactment of texting while driving legislation in Maine, and a similar bill waiting to be signed by the governor in Nevada.

With the signature of Governor Paul LePage on June 3rd, Maine became the 33rd state to pass texting and driving laws. The bill goes into effect in September, and includes a $100 fine for violations. While the fine does not seem too substantial, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the bill “has taken a crucial step to improve safety and save lives on Maine roads.”

Meanwhile, Nevada is close to taking an even stronger stance against cell phone use by banning any non-hands-free use of a cell phone while driving. The bill passed through the State Senate and Assembly on June 4th and is now awaiting the governor’s approval. Under the new law, the use of a cell phone while driving will be considered a primary offense, with offenses carrying progressively increasing fines. Anyone convicted of a third offense will have their drivers’ license suspended for 6 months.

Here at Teens Against Distracted Driving, we are very excited to see bills like these take strong stances against texting while driving, and hope the 16 states without legislation on the issue will soon follow suit. Even without these laws in place, you can make a difference by signing the TADD pledge and promising to never text and drive.