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Junior student brings distracted driving message to San Jose


Distracted driving is a problem which concerns all of us, no matter where we live. At Teens Against Distracted Driving, we support all initiative to change this dangerous behavior.
Today, we would like to share the new campaign ran by Karla who confirmed that everybody can help to decrease distracted driving.

If like Karla you would like to start your own campaign against distracted driving, please contact our team.

My name is Karla I’m a junior at Lincoln high school I’m 17 years old and my friend Michelle is also 17 and goes to Pioneer High School. Every morning we watch CNN 10 -a ten-minute news segment for students- and one morning CNN aired a special segment focused on the pure consequences of texting and driving. The story of the victims really struck home even though it’s never happened to me because I felt a responsibility had not been met in order to have helped prevent those accidents. So I took it upon myself to reach out to organizations and that’s when I found Teens Against Distracted Driving. I chose to work with them because I wanted an organization where I would be able to make an impact in my own community and that would compliment me better since I am a teen.

I started by asking my friend Michelle to join me in helping spread the word about TADD and she gladly did. We started through our friends and family members and then I expanded further out into our community. What I did to help spread the word is set up a small booth at a potluck event hosted by Veggielution in San Jose. There I got the opportunity to talk about TADD and their awesome goal in front of about 100 people. That experience was a little nerve wrecking but someone had to tell the community about the dangers in distracted driving. I also got many people to sign the pledge and even make donations.

My friend Michelle spread the word about distracted driving and collected pledges at her school and family gatherings. Michelle was also able to collect donations from her friends and family. With a little teamwork, we were able to help make a difference in the lives of friends, family and strangers. It taught us that all it takes sometimes is a little reminder to ask them if that text is really worth it.

Teens Against Distracted Driving conference in San Jose

Teens Against Distracted Driving conference in San Jose