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Fearless Senior Christian Childs brings distracted driving message to Perry High School

After his best friend died in a traffic crash last year because a teen driver plowed into his motorcycle, Christian Childs decided to step in and bring awareness about Distracted Driving to those around him. Christian contacted us, as he wanted to ask students at Perry High School to make the commitment to not use their phone while they drive and sign the pledge card.

Childs said: “I don’t do this for sympathy or anything like that. The only reason why I try to get people to take the pledge is to try to make sure that nobody has to go through what our families went through.”

The school organized a week-long campaign before the school’s prom night. Students will receive a wristband that will help them to remember their pledge while they are driving.

Christian succeeded in having 90 students sign the pledge card.

“If I can get through to one kid and it saves one life, I got my message out,” he said. “It’s small but I hope it’s doing some good out there and that I reach at least one person through this.”

Thank you, Christian, for joining the fight against Distracted Driving!