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TADD And Artist & Actor Dalton Cyr are launching a new campaign against Distracted Driving

L.A. recording artist and actor Dalton Cyr recently teamed up with Teens Against Distracted Driving  to launch a campaign about the dangers of texting and driving. Cyr created the concept for a music film trilogy, “Breathe”, that he then wrote and recorded the music, directed, and starred in. Premiering the full film trilogy to a packed theater on April 9, 2017 in Jacksonville, FL. The “Breathe” film tells a story about the fragility of life and love and displays a prevailing message about the impact of distracted driving. Following the premiere, Cyr released the first of the “Breathe” three-part series, “Fall Into Place,” with a worldwide release, which sets up the emotional journey, raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Cyr creates a powerful story that is relatable and delivers a lasting impact. The second and third parts, “Echo” and “Let It Go” will be released in May. Cyr’s mission is to bring the Breathe Trilogy and its message to high schools nationwide. He plans to show the film, talk with his peers and ask them to join him in signing the Teens Against Distracted Driving pledge card.

Cyr says, “Driving on some of the busiest streets in the country out here in L.A. I see people driving and looking at their phones every day. It’s staggering. I know that art can be a very powerful way to communicate an important message. From my first-hand experience speaking to students about other causes, such as bullying and literacy, I also know students are much more open to a message from their peers. So, I decided that I had something with “Breathe” that could perhaps make a difference. That’s when I reached out to Jason Epstein and his team from Teens Against Distracted Driving.”

Testing out his idea, following the inaugural screening of the Breathe Trilogy in Jacksonville, Cyr spoke with those in attendance about the facts surrounding texting and driving along with his experience as a new driver. He encouraged the audience to join him in taking the pledge to put their phones away when driving. There were overwhelming positive reactions for both the film and its message. Laura Martin, parent of a teenage son, wrote, “Very relevant, an amazing story and so well done. Your video should be shown at high school assemblies as a PSA.”

Just 16 years old, Cyr’s goal is to use his growing celebrity to do more of these types of events at schools around the country. A prolific songwriter, described as Ed Sheeran meets Bruce Springsteen, Cyr has experienced great success recently. Two of his songs from his new album, Breathe, have already charted on multiple indie charts across the world. Two of his songs are in the feature film, Time Toys, which he is a supporting lead actor in, and his single, “The Way It Should Be” the official music video for the movie. Cyr also has a recurring role in Pretty Little Liars and will appear in the series finale of the TV show.

You can watch part 1 of the Breathe Trilogy at

For more information or to inquire about hosting your own personal screening party or having Dalton bring Breathe to your high school to raise awareness about Distracted Driving, visit

Dalton Cyr with some of the Jacksonville audience who signed Teens Against Distracted Driving pledge cards after watching “Breathe” Music Film Trilogy