In Memory Of Ashley Jones-Davis

Texting while driving

“It’s my mission and life purpose to help people see that they are supposed to be happy and love their life and themselves and only have good things come to them.”

– Ashley Jones-Davis 


Ashley Jones-Davis was a smart, beautiful young woman who was full of life and always smiling. On February 18, 2011 Ashley died when her car crossed over the center line and smashed head-on into a Freightliner box truck. She was sending a text message and never looked up.

After the accident, Ashley’s mom Diana and her brother and sister Austin and Cheryce have made it their mission in life to stop people from driving distracted. At every single TADD presentation they pour their hearts out to the students; remembering Ashley’s life and talking about how their lives have changed without her.

No family should ever have to go through what Ashley’s family is still struggling to deal with. Before you pick up your phone while driving please think about the people in your life, think about how hard it would be for your mom to get that call at 2 am from the police, or for your younger sister to realize on her 22nd birthday that she is now older than the age her older sister lived to be. But also think about the other people on the road whose lives you will be endangering because you just couldn’t wait to send that text message.

No text message is worth a life. Take the pledge to stop texting while driving.


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