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National Safety Council and Midas Help Parents Teach Teen Drivers | Teens Against Distracted Driving

Driving crashes account for up to 44 percent of all teen deaths and are the leading cause of teenage deaths in the United States, according to recent studies by the National Safety Council. Learning to drive well takes time, practice, and proper guidance. To help parents help their teens, the National Safety Council has partnered with Midas on the Alive at 25 Parent Program, an online course for parents with new teen drivers.

This interactive program typically costs $25, but is being provided by Midas free of charge (while supplies last), to get parents involved in training their teens to become safe, responsible and defensive drivers. Upon successful completion of this course parents will receive an official National Safety Council Certificate of Completion and a free Midas Touch Maintenance Package.

The National Safety Council’s Alive at 25 online program:
• Outlines the risks young drivers face
• Helps parents take responsibility for reducing such risks
• Includes realistic situations to help teens think through options and outcomes before they encounter them in real life
• Helps parents reinforce basic driving and good-decision making skills
• Teaches skills and lessons through interactive media, workbook exercises, role playing and more

Visit the Midas Website to Learn More about the Campaign

This information was provided by Midas.

Teens Against Distracted Driving was founded by Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Jason Epstein who is also the founder of the Seattle law firm Straight Talk Law