Joey Medina created a new film Against Distracted Driving

The TADD family is always proud and supportive of any initiative our community can have against distracted driving.
This week, Joey sent us his film “The Lesson”, that shows the impact on others’ lives when you answer a text or your phone while driving.

If you created a campaign, a film or an article regarding distracted driving, please contact our team. We will share and promote your project.

My name is Joey Medina. I’m a professional stand-up comedian and an award-winning filmmaker. The stories of distracted drivers getting into accidents was in my opinion increasing at an alarming rate. But what was heart wrenching were the stories of innocent people whoselives were snuffed out by texting and driving.  I tried to imagine what their loves ones were going through, and the pain I felt just imagining it was more than I could bear.  So I decided to write and direct a short film about what one grieving man did when he was put in that situation. Although, my film contains adult language and violence, I decided this will be the best way to make the viewer feel what the characters were feeling.  I didn’t want to sugar coat something that should be treated seriously and wanted to give the viewers a different angle to look at. Although this film has a protagonist and an antagonist, you soon realize that all the people involved in these types of stories are victims. TADD has been working hard to bring this subject to the forefront, and this is why I decided to share my film with them. In closing, if this film can save just one life, then I’ll consider that a gift to humanity.

Joey Medina