A new young member against distracted driving !!!



Kara a Junior at Madonna University in Livonia Michigan created the video above for her Field Production and Editing class. The assignment was to create a Public Service Announcement. Kara endorse a lot of different role for this project: casting agent, director, producer, script writer and editor!

As she said, “Because an another person texting and driving my parents were involved in a car accident. This is why I naturally chose as a theme: texting and driving. To many people, of all ages, driving erratically while using a phone or other devices. I feel that many accidents involve distracted driving. I want to be involve in preventing distracted driving because I believe it will keep the roads safer and in turn save lives. “

This is exactly why we are proud to  publish Kara’s video who show how deadly texting and driving could be!

Thank you Kara for joining the fight against distracted driving!