Young Race Driver and TADD Spokesperson Profiled in Inside Polk Magazine

Dylan Martin, the young Florida State race driver making a name for himself on the local and national scenes, was profiled in the latest issue of Inside Polk. Among his career highlights and personal story of becoming involved in racing, he gives a big shout-out to Teens Against Distracted Driving. Thanks, Dylan! From the article:

In tandem with having an influence on youngsters at the track, there are some special kids far from the track that also get Dylan’s attention. The young driver is a spokesperson for T.A.D.D. (Teens Against Distracted Driving), and he regularly speaks to kids about the dangers of texting and other negative behaviors while behind the wheel. This year he will speak at over 75 schools and hospitals, hoping to have a positive effect on kids and encouraging them to fasten their seatbelts in the car and wear helmets when on a bike.

“I’m not just a spokesman or a driver; if I can do this, they can, too,” Dylan said.

Read the full article on Inside Polk Magazine.