Head on Crash Kills Woman and Her Unborn Son

22-year-old Daniel Pereira plead guilty to reckless driving during an accident in Washington Township that killed Toni Donato-Bolis and her unborn son. Pereira was allegedly texting while driving when his car drifted into the oncoming lanes of traffic, causing the car in front of Donato-Bolis’ to swerved, striking her car head on.

Pereira will pay a $257 fine, lose his license for a year — the maximum penalty for reckless driving — and must attend one anti-distracted driving presentation a year for the next three years. These presentations are given at local schools by Donato-Bolis’ sister, Angela Donato. Pereira is facing no criminal charges, deeply upsetting Donato-Bolis’s family. They contend that they will continue to “fight for justice” and the passing of new, harsher laws.

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